Friday, September 7, 2007

Proof That HGH Doesn't Work

Big story from Wild thing turned masher Rick Ankiel is linked to an HGH investigation case. The real story, however, is that former Brewer batting practice pitcher Steve Woodard is also named. Woodard taking HGH is the first example of the drug NOT working.


matt said...

Brad, didn't you take HGH to bulk up to 205 after weighing 150 pounds during your HS years?

Or was that mostly Grain Belt weight?

I've stayed a svelte 140 since freshman year of high school.

Brad said...

Ouch. That was called the "Water Street Diet."

140? Yeah, with cinder blocks around your waist. More like 124 in HS, maybe 139 now.

woziszeus said...

Lets not forget that Steve Woodard lost about 60 lbs in 1 offseason by doing Tae Bo.

I'm just throwing that random fact out there.

Billy said...

Athletes are switching to homeopathic oral sprays because they are legal for over the counter sales, add only a trace amount of growth hormone into the system, and they target the liver to produce more IGF-1. It's not HGH that brings the invigoration properties, it's an increase in IGF-1 that brings the performance enhancing results.