Thursday, September 6, 2007

Official Packer Predictions

I think we may have done this already, but now that the season is upon us, let us all make our predictions for the upcoming Packers season.

  • Week 1: vs. Eagles - I am going with a loss here. Not that I am that high on the Eagles, but 18 rushing yards will not win you a game. Loss
  • Week 2: at Giants - Wow, I think they could actually win this game. I don't think home/road matters much with this team. However, in the end, 14 rushing yards will not win you a game. Loss
  • Week 3: vs. Chargers - The running game looks much better this week. That is because the Chargers rest most of their starters after taking a 42 point second quarter lead. I think this will be like the Patriots/Jets/first Bears games of last season. Loss
  • Week 4: at Minnesota - Offense looks rough against good Vikings D, but in the end, Tavarius Jackson will not win you a game. Win
  • Week 5: vs Bears - Sunday nighter, D puts up a good fight, but the Bears want to show the Packers that the win last December meant nothing. A close, hard-fought Loss.
  • Week 6: vs. Redskins - This feels like a game we should win. What the hell, I'll call it a Win.
  • Week 7: Bye Week - I have them at 2-4 at this point. I realistically think 1-5, but they should be able to win one of the 3 against the NFC East teams. If they are at 3-3 at this point, I might come around on this team.
  • Week 8: at Denver - Don't see it happening. Always play like crap against the Broncos. Loss
  • Week 9: at K.C. - Wow, I think the Chiefs are going to blow this year. Both QB options looked terrible in the pre-season. Brodie Croyle's wife didn't look terrible. Arrowhead is a tough place to play, but the Chiefs are horrible. I thought this would be a loss, but I am changing to Win.
  • Week 10: vs. Minnesota - See Week 4. Except this time Kelly Holcomb may be the Vikes starter. Win
  • Week 11: vs. Panthers - Every year Carolina is picked to do great things and that never really works out (outside of the Super Bowl year). Seems like we play them every year. Not sure what to think, but still think we run the ball like crap, leading to another Loss.
  • Week 12: at Detroit (Thanksgiving) - Well this game appears to be a giant turd sandwich on a day that will already be annoying by having to talk to people I have nothing in common with. Loss
  • Week 13: at Cowboys - Two straight Thursday games in a row. WTF? Plus this one in on the NFL Network. Unless I switch to U-Verse by this time, if anyone with DirectTV is hosting a gathering, let me know so I can see this Loss.
  • Week 14: vs Raiders - Even if the Raiders have their QB situation figured out by this point, I still think we win as long as the team remembers that it takes a lot of meat to bring down Culpepper from behind. I would think the same goes for JaMarcus Russell. Win
  • Week 15: at Rams - Games in this dome usually turn out bad for the Packers. Even in the Super Bowl season they barely beat a Tony Banks-led team. Loss
  • Week 16: at Chicago - Well, I don't think the bears will have anything wrapped up by this point, so they will give it their all. The Bears are very close to being a terrible team, but I think they win unless the season is in turmoil and Griese is their starting QB at this point. Loss (for now).
  • Week 17: vs. Detroit - This Lions offense is not built for a December 30th game at Lambeau. In what will not be Favre's last game, I see a Win.

So, we tally that up and arrive at: 6-10

Hey, a lot better than the 3 or 4 wins I was originally going with. Going through this schedule, I think the Packers can honestly be anywhere between a 2 and 10 win team. The NFL is just so unpredictable. They only sure loss I see is the Chargers. Everybody else, who knows? The NFC East teams are all questionable, the Chiefs and Raiders blow, The Lions will probably blow and the Vikings most definitely blow. Carolina, could be very good or very bad.

I would love to see a play-off run, but I just don't see it happening with no threat of a rushing attack.


Vince Workman said...

I could start for the Packers this year. Darrell Thompson and I could make a great 1-2 punch.

AP said...

So.....How do you think the ground attack is going to do for the Packers this year?