Friday, September 28, 2007

My Plan for Tonight

I'm going to the Brewers game tonight.

Even though a small part of me died last night watching the Brewers throw the ball around the yard like a bunch of tee-ballers, I just decided that I'm going to enjoy myself no matter what tonight.

I'm going to a baseball game on September 28 that matters.

It matters a lot less than it might have, but it does still matter.

It is basically a playoff game for the Brewers and the Padres.

I know that "basically a playoff game" and "a playoff game" are different things.

But frankly, I haven't been to either type of game involving the Brewers in a long time.

Maybe ever.


Tony said...

What a great year. I don't care how low the lows were, I don't care how disappointed I am right now. I don't care about some of you who are going to try to ruin this moment and tell me I am lame because I cheer for mediocrity, (and right now they may end up only .500).

All I know is all WEEK all I thought about was going to a games with playoff implications at Miller Park. I hope this is like Jordan and the bulls not being able to get past the pistons only to take the learning experience and rattle off 6 world titles.

I can't wait to begin to talk about next year already. So post what you will how Yost is an idiot and the team isn't clutch, I say shut up and enjoy the fact that you have a team in late September worth bitch’n about! Enjoy the agony. It could be worse; they could suck soo bad nobody would have even known there was a game tonight.

Hat's off to Doug, Gordo, Big Mark and yes (sorry Chopp) Yost. Thanks for a great year. -- Championship Season 2008!

Anonymous said...

I remember when we felt like this after the Bucks playoff run in 2001. Everyone thought it was going to be the "stepping stone" year to greatness the next, and we all know what happened with that.

I think this was the Brewers best chance to make the playoffs and we won't see another for a long time. We were in a terribly weak division this year - the other teams will improve next year. We had the NL ROY and MVP on the team, and we had no real devastating injuries.

I'll even go so far as to say the 2005 team was better. They finished .500 in a much tougher division that year. This was the one we'll look back on in 25 years as the one that got away.

Sam in Madison said...

One difference: Jordan and the Bulls couldn't get past the Piston IN THE PLAYOFFS!

82-80 is nothing to get excited about. In the NL West, we finish 5th. The fact that it's September and we have a team worth "bitch'n about" has more to do with the shitty division, rather than the Brewers.

Imagine next year when St Louis has a healthy Carpenter/Rolen, and a player on their team doesn't die. They will be a different team.

Nobody cared about the Packers 8-8 season last year, or the Bucks 42-40 (something like that) season in everyone is praising the 82-80 Brewers this year. I just get it.

sam in madison said...

Last sentance should be "I just don't get it"