Friday, September 28, 2007

Gift Offering

To: Milwaukee Brewers

From: Chicago Cubs

Cubs: Enclosed is a gift. Call it an "early Xmas present." It contains the NL Central crown. We will continue to lose, practically giving you the division. It's gift wrapped and here for your taking. Do you accept? Besides, you help us out every day by producing ample amounts of delicious beer.

Brewers: Pffff, heck NO! Why would we want that? It's only been, what, 25 years? How about if we just take an 82 win season and tell everyone we finally finished above .500.

Cubs: Um, OK??


matt said...

The Brewers already gave the Cubs this gift, and they're trying to re-gift it back to us.

Maybe that's why the Brewers refuse to take it.

Kind of like Frank the Tank giving the Godfather that bread maker or whatever for his house-warming present.

Anonymous said...

or the label-maker on seinfeld...

Tony said...

Ya, Matt's right, if we took it back that would just make us a bunch of Indian givers. Can we say that here, woz please extend my apologizes on your next trip to the reservations.

woziszeus said...

I'll take care of it. I'll make a small donation on the craps table.