Monday, September 17, 2007

Green Bay 35, New York 13

The Good:
- Hey look, an offensive touchdown! 5 of them!
- Favre may be losing his Captain Rocketball moniker. Brett Favre: Game manager? He did it magnificently yesterday throwing low-risk, move the chains type passes. He got everyone involved. Driver, the RBs, Jones, and.......
- ...the Tight Ends! Yes, the Packers do have tight ends. After it was apparent the Giants LBs had no idea how to cover Don Lee and Bubba, Brett got them involved to the tune of 8 catches and 2 TDs.
- Deshawn Wynn looks like he has a little wiggle in his game.
- Driver had a typical Driver game: 77 yards, 1 TD
- The defense again held up its end of the bargain. They gave up some plays in the first half, only to stymie the Giants in the second.
- Ryan Grant with a nice catch and run. Look for him to get worked into the offense as the season goes on.

The Bad
- Still could only muster 2.9 yards per carry.
- Harris and Woodson had a forgettable first half....didn't play well at all before halftime.
- Darrin Colledge might be a weekly topic on the "bad" list.
- Crosby missed that FG by a mile.

The Final Word
That's about as perfect as the Packers are gonna play with this group. The program that McCarthey and Thompson are trying to build was highlighted all game. Have long, time consuming drives spreading the ball around with low-risk passes and a grind it out running game...this rests the defense.... which creates a few turnovers....builds a lead....turn it over to a formidable defense...ballgame. That's it, that's the formula. If they ever figure out how to run block, look out. Granted, the Giants defense blows, but you saw progress. The system is bigger than the individual. Plug in whoever at RB: Jackson, Wynn, Grant, and Morency (when he's back). Move the chains with short passes to the WRs and (gasp), the tight ends. Adding Jennings and Morency will only help. I know these guys are not exactly Steve Smith and Frank Gore, but Morency will keep Wynn and Jackson fresh, and Jennings could open things up even more for James Jones and the (gasp) tight ends.

San Diego is a big measuring stick next week. They could lose 30-7. They could win 17-14. Who knows? I'm guessing the system in place should at least give them a punchers chance against anybody.


Bill said...

I loved the return of the West Coast Offense... just a great offense for a team that has the defense in place that will not give up enormous points. Favre hopefully now knows that he does not have to score everytime and that a punt is not a four letter word (I realize it actually is). Move the chains and play the field position game.

Next week... We are going to get crushed, no way we stop Gates. Shockey sort of had his way this week and Gates will be 5 times more abusive.

Brad said...

That's a good point about Gates. Luckily, the SD wide recievers are not as good as the Giants: Toomer and Burress. GB can key on Gates more than they could Shockey.

SPeaking of, there isnt a player I hate more than Shockey. He's a first class A-hole.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, not a Shockey fan either. It was nice to see the NY fans actually boo him. He basically dropped a touchdown. They do love him there though(I was at the game, so I do know). It will be interesting to see if he signs with someone else next year

woziszeus said...

Hey Krey,
Was your attending the Giants game before or after your 18 holes of golf and a lavish dinner? Your "job" sounds like its getting more & more difficult each passing week.