Monday, September 10, 2007

Fan Mail!

Two great observations by Chuckie Hacks fan Peter from Fond du Lac. I know exactly which commercial he's referencing. Ha!!

During the Brewers games, the DOT (I believe) keeps running an anti-DUIcommercial that is funnier than I believe it is supposed to be. You knowthe spot. It is the one where the redneck who looks like Randy Jackson inhis mullet days is pulled over driving in the truck half-full of beer andthe next guy is pulled over in the car that spills out olives and a liquidthat implies it is a huge martini. Anyway, check out the "martini-guy" andtell me that doesn't look like Mike McCarthy. I would love to see a stillshot of that when the guy looks up at the officer. Not sure of the contextyou could use it in, but with the way the season is likely to go, I see aworld of promise for it.

On a related note, have you noticed that McCarthy can't speak withoutrelying on sports clich├ęs? Few months back we took our employees to amotivational speakers day at the BC. Lovie Smith goes on early in the dayand gives a great speech about what he sees as keys to succeeding. In it heuses a bunch of personal anecdotes and ends up impressing the hell out ofour group. It was plausible listening to him that this guy turned aroundhis team and took them to the Super Bowl. In the afternoon, our blockheadcoach gets up and proceeds to embarrass all Packer fans in the BC with a Q&Athat essentially went "Give 110%, think like a winner, take it one game at atime, the key to winning is preparation, and leave it all on the field."Great job coach, that was really helpful.

Thanks Peter, good stuff.


woziszeus said...

Ever notice how in that DUI commercial there isn't a woman getting pulled over? The question always is, "Sir, have you been drinking tonight?" women drink & drive? All TV & commercials do now is make men out to be drunken fools who buy their wives & daughters diamonds and lexus' with big red bows on them for Christmas.

I want to see a commercial where a bunch of giggly females get pulled over listening to "rehab" and the driver gets sent to the slammer. Then I want to see a commercial where a mother & daughter go to Menard's and buy their hard working husband/father a new power saw for Christmas.

Its a double standard, and I don't like it.

The Cubs suck.

JamJam said...

I also wonder why that one guy is driving a car full of KoolAid. I keep hoping that when the door opens and the cop asks, "Sir, have you been drinking tonight?", that the KoolAid Man is going to burst out and yell "Oh Yeah!".

Anonymous said...


Goldy said...

Was out to eat on Friday night and saw the commercial for the first time since Peter informed us of this coincidence. I started laghing out loul when the McCarthy/martinit guy came on the screen. Good call Pete.

Anonymous said...

I have seen that spot and commented around freinds many times.. All White Dudes... I'm just saying.