Monday, September 10, 2007

College Football Thoughts

Maybe the Packers could pick up some of these O-linemen

Spent all day Saturday slothing on the couch watching college football. Good times. Observations:

  • In the first 8 quarters of the Badger season, they look nothing like a top 10 team. UNLV was picked last in the Mountain West and squeeked by Utah State the week before. PJ Hill is just a guy...I'm convinced. Yeah, his numbers look good. No doubt. But he's got no burst, no wiggle, no second gear. He gets all his yards because the Wiscy O-line is that much better than the opposing D-lines. When they did go against good D-lines last year, he did nothing.
  • Speaking of the Big-11....yuck. Michigan is a grease fire, Ohio State was only up 3-2 at half to Akron last week, NWestern almost lost to Nevada at home, Minnesota needed OT to beat Ohio U, and Bucky struggled. Penn St looks like the class of the league right now only because they have Wisconsin in Happy Valley.
  • Speaking of the Mountain West...they are clearly the best of the non-BCS leagues. I know almost doesn't count in football but Colorado St gave Cal all they could handle (lost by 6), BYU hung with UCLA, TCU made Texas sweat for a good part of the game (without preseaon MWC MVP Aaron Brown), Wyoming crushed Virginia in week 1, and UNLV basically played Wisconsin to a draw.
  • I thought Chuck Weis was an offensive genius? Notre Dame has a grand total of zero offensive TDs this year. The Packers think they have trouble moving the ball. Oh, and the Patriots haven't had trouble scoring points since Weis left. How great is it that either Michigan or ND will be 0-3 after next week!
  • Ah, the Ol' Ball Coach. Just when you forget about Steve Spurrier, he sneaks up on you. South Carolina knocks off Georgia
  • LSU DT Glenn Dorsey is a monster.
  • Remember when Miami and FSU had rosters stocked with NFL talent? Now South Florida, of all teams, looks like the better program.


Train said...

It's hard to argue with your assesment of PJ- The first true test will come against Iowa who has a pretty decent-to good 4 man front. It could be trouble if we're leaning on PJ for 4 quarters. Smith would be available thanks to his 6th grade like suspension from away games.

Word is Henne is done for 6-8 wks with torn ACL or MCL?? Clausen v. Mallett- this could be as exciting as one of those Army All-American exhibitions.

Wrigleyville said...

wait a minute. IU is 2-0. woohoo!

AP said...

I get the feeling that many, many more dudes are going to get the "just a guy" handle this year...