Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Clay Likely to Redshirt

Goldy - Any inside info on your Racine boy Johnny Clay? Academic related?

Clay likely to redshirt.


AP said...

They can afford to make this move since UW has made it through the tough part of their schedule relatively healthy.

Train said...

If PJ goes down -on the road- it could be ugly. I like Brown, he has a little wiggle but showed his inexperience on Sat putting one on the turf

Goldy said...

This is the first step in his Brent Moss-like progression.

Seriously, I think, as long as there are no injuries this season, a red-shirt is the best way to go. My issue is, will he be able to eligable for 5 years.

Also, nobody knows how good he really is. Hill still has two more years and Brown has looked good. That fumble last week, I am not sure whose fault tha was. Looked like a botched hand-off all around.