Monday, August 13, 2007

Your Daily Johnny Clay Update

Source: Racine Journal Times

Johnny Clay, the University of Wisconsin’s blue-chip football recruit from Racine, has completed his summer school work and will find out fairly soon whether he’ll be eligible to play for the Badgers this fall.

Clay, a 6-foot-2, 222-pound running back from Park High School, took two English classes this summer at Horlick High School with the hopes of gaining his eligibility.

While neither Wisconsin nor Park officials would discuss Clay’s situation, it was believed Clay needed an "A’’ and a "B’’ in those courses to be eligible at Wisconsin.

It’s unknown how long it’ll take Clearinghouse officials to make a final determination on Clay’s status, although there is speculation it’ll be within two weeks.

Even if Clay is cleared to play, it’s still highly unlikely he’d be ready to play in the Badgers’ season opener Sept. 1 against Washington State.

Clay would, however, likely be ready to play in the Badgers’ Big Ten opener Sept. 22 against Iowa at Camp Randall in Madison.


Tony said...

"i've been told" Who do you know and why in the Racine School District that would share this "hot" information?

nice hard hitting investigative reporting Chopp. You would make the action 4 news team very proud.

Train said...

"Clay would, however, likely be ready to play in the Badgers’ Big Ten opener Sept. 22 against Iowa at Camp Randall in Madison."

I'll take a dump on the 50yrd line during the game if Clay plays in the Big 10 opener- there's no way he sees the field this season even if he does magically become eligible. He's too far behind after missing what could be a month of fall camp.

Goldy said...

First off, I agree with train.
Clay is the #4 back if he joins the team. He is only the #4 because Walker has hands the size of a 12 year old and can't hold on to the ball. He will not be able to practice with the team until after the first game if he is cleared due to a maximum roster size limiit and not beeing able to exceed that until after classes start.

Second, as has been mentioned before, the Journal Times is full of Mike Hunt-esq jopurnalism. I like how it mentions that he probably won't be ready for Wazzou, but will likely be ready to play in the Big Ten opener. Why wouldn't he be ready to play a week earlier? Does the JT know it will take him exactly 2.5 weeks to "be ready to play"? If he ever makes it to Madison, he had about a 2% chance of playing this year. The only way he has a chance is if 2 backs go down.

Anonymous said...

if he doesn't become eligible, I would think it would be Ned Yost's fault. He should have gotten him to buckle down in school a little more.


AP said...

Ned Yost is the reason the Badgers were ranked so high in the preseason polls. Look for the Badgers & Yost to continue their winning ways to a big bowl game this year. Hopefully that Bowl game is played in Madison and not on the road somewhere.....