Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I'm sick as a dog here at home, with no Brewer game on. Double farts. Checked the score for the first time and see 9-0 Colorado and they have the bases loaded. Yo must be getting pointers from Cappy.


Anonymous said...

So in the last 6 innings the Rockies have scored 23 runs off of the Crew (Don't look now but they are threatining in the Bot of 4 as well). That is amazing. It is obviously Ned Yost's fault.

Anonymous said...

15-2 now with Wise on the mound. Soon to be 18-2.

matt said...

16-2 now. At least Wise can get in some practice not bashing people in the skull.

This will be a watershed moment for the Brewers - either they completely crap themselves until they're out of contention (which is classic Brewers - just is happening a month later than usual), or they respond and bounce back and go on a winning streak (a la the Verlander game).

I don't see a middle ground.

matt said...

I wonder if they're going to be able to show all of the runs in this game during the Squeeze Play tonight? That might take 3 hours.

Anonymous said...

The Brewers must have gone out in Denver last night, fun town, but they forgot to stop by the ballpark and turn the sprinklers on.

Anonymous said...

If one more person calls me or tells me that this is Yost's fault....I am just going to snap! Graffy is out looks like Weeks is getting the call back.

AP said...

Krey, in a micro view, getting blown out in one game is definitely not Yost's fault. However, if you consider the bigger picture that this team is horrible on the road, the team has been horrible on the road for the last couple of seasons, and they never look ready to play on a road trip, then I think you could at least suggest the possibility that maybe there is the potential for that to be at least partially Yost's fault. After all, he's in charge. If he doesn't like the criticism he can quit. If a manager isn't important then they should hold raffles and let several lucky fans manage the team for a week. Pathetic series.

....2 upcoming days off should really help us out. It turns out the Cubs don't want the division any worse than we do, but unfortunately someone has to win this division.

Goldy said...

St. Louis will win this division and the Brewers will finish under .500. That rod trip to Arizona, San Fran and Chicago at the end of the month will be the death blow.
This team is in a complete tailspin right now and I don't know if they can recover.

woziszeus said...

If St. Louis wins the division it will be because of an absolute fluke. Runs scored = 481
Runs allowed = 584

This is bad.

I know what the Brewers need to recover when they get home. The entire stadium needs to do the Bill Hall chant
Bill...clap clap..clap clap...Hall.

Krey, get ready for it at our upcoming game.

Anonymous said...

I agree and if that doesn't work, I say Yost turns the batting order upside down.
1. Pitcher (Not a belly-itcher)
2. Everyone's favorite 2nd Baseman
3. Miller
4. Jenkins
5. Hall
6. Fielder
7. Braun
8. Hardy
9. Hart

Was Treblehorn the last one to pull that off?