Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm Saying 1-5 at the Bye Week

Best case scenario, how many wins can the Packers muster from this brutal schedule?

Philadelphia Eagles

@ New York Giants

San Diego Chargers

@ Minnesota Vikings

Chicago Bears

Washington Redskins


@ Denver Broncos

@ Kansas City Chiefs

Minnesota Vikings

Carolina Panthers

@ Detroit Lions (Thanksgiving)

@ Dallas Cowboys

Oakland Raiders

@ St. Louis Rams

@ Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions


AP said...

2) W, No Tiki & No Strahan?
3) L, Even bigger time.
4) W, Tavaris Jackson, seriously?
5) W, I'll give 'em a W @ home & a loss on the roard Vs. the Bears. No Jones + Grossman for the Bears= not much offense. Yes, the Bears went to the Bowl last year, but I don't think they are by any means a juggernaut. When's the last year Favre was swept by the Bears?
6) W, Joe Gibbs 1992 called, they want their strategy back.

(4-2 at the Bye Week, not best case scenario, just reality.)

7) L,
8) L, 2 tough roadies in a row VS.2 tough teams. 1-1 would be huge. 1-1 is unlikely though...

9) W, SERIOUSLY, TAVARIS JACKSON?? Can Adrian Peterson play QB?

10) I don't know, flip a coin. The Panthers were supposed to be like the best team ever assembled last year. Turns out they weren't..

11) Lions. On Thanksgiving. Should be a W. I'll split #10 . 1-1 VS Carolina and Lions. You decide who gets the W & L.

12) L, just a loss.

13) W, I wish there was something bigger than a capital W.

14) L
15) L
16) W

....8-8. And that's with 4-2 in the division, which would be worse than last year. One fluke win where they shouldn't puts them in the postseason at 9-7 in the crappy NFC. This schedule isn't that much tougher than any other scedule. Lionsx2, Vikingsx2, Raiders, Redskins, & Giants? Those 7 aren't that tough. Everyone is down on the Pack b/c they are lacking offensive weapons, but keep in mind our defense is much improved. The Bears have 0 offense & a good defense and people talk about them like they are guaranteed to go to the NFC Championship game. Granted their defense is better, but even w/ the question marks I'll take our offense over theirs. You have to really be drinking the Lions & Vikings Kool Aide to think this is way off.

Anonymous said...

They are 3-3 at the bye week, the giants, redskins are terrible and the vikings are an nfl europe team. Rest of the way wins vs lions twice, vikings, raiders, and pull one out at soldier vs the bears at the end. pretty much a carbon copy of 2006. 8-8

-Not so anonymous Jake

Goldy said...

This is strictly Best Case since I fully expect them to win 3 games this year:
Philadelphia Eagles (W) WHo knows, maybe we pull something out of out butts on opining day, or McNabb gets hurt i the 1st half.

@ New York Giants (L)

San Diego Chargers (L) 52-7

@ Minnesota Vikings (W) The Vikings are awful

Chicago Bears (L)

Washington Redskins (W) They seem to always unachieve

BYE (Could be best week of the season)

@ Denver Broncos (L)

@ Kansas City Chiefs (W) Don't look too hot this year.

Minnesota Vikings (W)

Carolina Panthers (L)

@ Detroit Lions (Thanksgiving)(L)

@ Dallas Cowboys (L)

Oakland Raiders (W)

@ St. Louis Rams (L)

@ Chicago Bears (W) Grossman too busy makig holiday plans

Detroit Lions (W)

So a quick best case scenario inmy book puts them at 8-8. A case could be made for a win at NY, so I'll go 9-7.

woziszeus said...

Too early for predictions, by Labor Day I'll offer up the Woz Guarantee.

However, somewhere between 7-9 to 9-7 appears to be appropriate.

AP said...

Pre season Packer predictions aren't as much fun as Brewer debates if we all agree within a game or two......

Doesn't someone want to say 14-2 or something?

matt said...

I'll say 3-13 AP - has anyone, by chance, looked at this team's skill position players? How are they going to score any points against any of these teams?

AP said...

You mean like Favre when compared to Jackson, Kitna, and Grossman in the division? Or Driver & Jennings compared to the Bears & Vikings WR's. Who's the dominant RB in the NFC North, Benson???? I don't think there is an excess of skilled position players anywhere in the division.....oh, that is except for all of the WR's the Lions have. That's why they've dominated the division for the last 15 years. C'mon....they scored last year when our RB was like 400 years old. They'll score this year too.