Tuesday, August 21, 2007

WIsconsin vs Minnesota Football game 2005

This is always fun to watch!


Goldy said...

Also, Bielema is supposed to name the starting QB tomorrow. No matter who he names, I will not be sure of the starter until that person takes the first snap against Wazzu.
I think and hope they go with Evridge. From everything I have heard, he is as good of a runner as Donavan and can actually throw the ball further than 30 yards down the field, thus we will not have to rely on Swan having to come back to the ball to make catches.
I know Donavan won at Iowa last season, but that was an awful Iowa team that went on to lose to a truly awful Gopher team. If all things are equal, I say give the Junior the nod so you don't have a new QB next season. Well, unless Stallons is a beast.

Brad said...

I went to poop right before the punt, assuming the game was over. Come back and the TV is going crazy. Guess I should have waited.

I agree with Evridge starting. He's got 2 years to work with and Donavan is a glorified backup. Not only will Bucky be strong this year, '08 looks pretty good as well...don't want to go back to back years starting a fresh QB.

Train said...

I too am a AE guy- the playbook for Iowa consisted of 10 high school plays. We can't dummy down an offense with the weapons we have.

If I was to guess it's TD to start the year. Could it be another Kavanaugh/Bollinger situation though???

matt said...

I worked with Kavanaugh for a short time at University Ridge after his playing days. Actually, I think I was his supervisor. He was way too cool for that job (cleaning clubs and washing carts), that's for sure.

I totally forgot about that guy.