Friday, August 31, 2007

When Bucky Brooks Talks, You Listen!

If Jackson is bad, let's just hope he's not bad in a Lawrence Phillips-type of way.

Actually, I've never herd of him before but he put together a nice best/worst list of NFL subjects on CNNSI. He had two Packer tidbits, one good, one bad. First, the bad. It's really hard to argue his assessment on this one. I have no defense.

Worst running back combo
Brandon Jackson, Vernand Morency and Noah Herron are slated to handle the running back duties for the Packers, but the trio enters the season with only two career starts between them. With so much inexperience at the position, it is hard to imagine this bunch capably filling Ahman Green's role as the starter. Jackson and Herron have only averaged slightly over three yards a carry during the preseason while Morency has missed the majority of training camp due to an injury. With the season a little over a week away, the inexperience at the running back position should be a major concern in Green Bay.

Now the good. It's more James Jones love. TT probably could have drafted him a round or two later, but it looks like the scouts that ripped him saying JJ was a 6th talent look like idiots...for now. Green Bay may need all the WRs they can get considering the above RB analysis.

Most surprising offensive rookie
The Green Bay Packers selected James Jones in the third round and were widely roundly criticized in league circles. But the former San Jose State star has been sensational during the preseason. Showing outstanding hands and running skills, Jones has 16 receptions for 196 yards with two touchdowns through three preseason games. His performance has quickly earned him the trust of Brett Favre and he is poised to make a big impact as a rookie. Packer fans should be reminded of Antonio Freeman when they watch Jones play during the fall.


AP said...

When is Koren Robinson available to return? Koren, DD, JJ, Jennings would be a nice little wide receiver group, if Koren can you know....not be drunk.

matt said...

I think he's eligible to appeal for reinstatement in October (after 8 games? does that make sense?) but I'm not sure.

AP said...

You could be right, but I thought he was supposed to be back by week 6. Honestly, you could tell me he can't come back until 2012 and I'd believe you b/c I just haven't seen or heard anyone talking about it.

matt said...

Anybody want to bet whether Jackson managed to avoid that Colorado linebacker?

I say no, given the elusiveness I've seen from him this preaseason.