Friday, August 31, 2007

"Rollin down the street smokin endo ...."

So last year’s #1 pick, Jeremy Jeffress, was suspened for 50 games for using a “drug of abuse.” WTF is that?

Jeffress: “What’s the drug of abuse?”
Dealer: “That’s a drug that leads to an addiction.”
Jeffress: “Mmmmm, that sounds good. I’ll have some.”

Actually, marijuana fits this category. If it was weed, isn’t 50 games a little steep? Then again, they don’t announce what the specific drug is so it could be crack cocaine. Was he a big Doc Gooden fan?

And what’s with 1st round Brewer high school pitchers? Talk about bad luck. Mike Jones, JM Gold, Mark Rodgers…now Jeffress.


AP said...

I remember hearing that MLB didn't want to include weed in the 50 game suspensions, and they wanted to leave it where it was at 10 games (I think). They had to make that concession when everyone was pressuring them to raise their steroid policy; they didn't want to have to explain why they were more strict on one illegal substance and not on another. Whatever, isn't the kid like 19 years old? He's still got time to have a good career.

Brad said...

Yeah, he still has time...

matt said...

He also still has time for major shoulder surgery.

AP said...

He probably also has time for a couple wake and bakes now too.