Wednesday, August 22, 2007

TD it is!

According to various sources I don't have links to, Tyler Donavan wins the QB battle over Allan Evridge. Train has been in a deep depression ever since. I might have to take him to a local establishment over lunch.


Goldy said...

As I stated earlier, I don't believe anything that is said at this point. Practice is closed to the media from here on out and I think it will still be a guessing game up until the first snap. I hope its AE cause TD sucks balls.

Train said...

I've seen what TD can do...not too impressed. Granted I haven't seen too much of AE but he's my kind of guy. A nuts and bolts guy with some mo jo. TD is a pretty boy.

Anyone who got up after that hit AE took from that guy from TxTech (Slay?)is OK with me.

I'm still betting on AE taking the reigns before the season is out.