Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Get to the Back of the Line, Hunt

Not welcome on the bandwagon.
Is it a coincidence that just when Journal Sentinel columnist (and village idiot) Mike Hunt hopped off the Brewers bandwagon, the team started playing well again?
I think not. Good riddance.
Oh, and Brad is going to have a tough time getting back on the bandwagon too.


Tony said...

Hunt was a douchebag LONG before this artical, but this doesn't help.

Anonymous said...

Hunt should work for the Shephard Express. I know a sports writer at the West Bend Daily news that would make a good fit with the urinal.

Mike said...

Can we send Hunt down to Nashville so he'll get his stroke back?

Anonymous said...

Did he ever have his stroke to begin with? Seems to me he has blown donkey ever since I can remember.