Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Sea Was Angry That Day My Friends

"What made Milwaukee famous has made a loser out of me."
So, as all of you have probably heard by now, the repo man hath laid his fury upon Latrell Sprewell's yacth "Milwaukee's Best". It appears as if our friend Latrell has not been making his $10,000 monthly payments on time and let his insurance lapse.
This is a huge blow to Milwaukee, in my opinion. Something exciting seemed to happen on Milwaukee's Best on a yearly basis. In 2003, Latrell broke his hand when getting into a fight on his yacht after some chick vomited on it. This led to me naming my fantasy football team for the season "Captain Spre's Vomit Yacht". Last year, some chick accused Latrell of choking her during consensual sex on the boat. Later last summer, the boat ran aground off a beach in Shorewood and the Coast Guard had to get involved. Good Times!
I, for one, am very sad that Milwaukee's Best will no longer be around. Seems like that was a great place to hang out. Plus, Milwaukee was probably a saner place with Latrell out on the lake.
Other quick hitters:
  • I went to my local Quiznos during lunch today and apparently they got rid of the Honey Bacon Club. WTF? Why wasn't I consulted about this. Granted, it has probably been 3 months since i ate at a Quiznos, but man that was a downer at lunch.
  • The other day on NBA TV, they were showing replays of some basketball tournament in China from earlier this summer. The US was represented by the D-League All-Stars and sure as shit, our boy Rick Rickert was on that team. Good to see rick making a name for himself in the D-League.
  • Seth McClung......erg.
  • Still holding out at 4 wins for the Packers.


woziszeus said...

I am officially putting the Packers as a 10 win team.

Analysis will come soon.

Tony said...

Why were you watching NBA TV?


matt said...

I don't like Quizno's. They always seem to burn my sandwich and everything tastes like onions, even though I don't order them.