Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Big-11 Fans: Stock Up On Ear Plugs!!

The Big Ten Network released their announcing crews. After Brennaman and Larrivee, not much name-power here (Butler By'not'e Me!). And if any of these others sound anything like Mike Tomczak, hit the mute button. Immediatley. Without hesitation. Trust me. He was just on Madison radio breaking down the Big Ten, and.....HOLY SHIT!!! My ears are still bleeding!!! First, the marbles need to get out of his mouth. Second, know your stuff. While listing the top 5 teams, he included Indiana, but not Penn St. When asked about the Nittney's, Tomczak said "Oh yeah, I forgot about them..." WTF?? Third, he was so quiet, it was hardley recognizable! I think he had Michgan State as his sleeper, but I'm not sure. Then, this gem: Question: "Do you think Lloyd Carr should be on the hot seat at Michigan?" His response: "Well, if they don't beat Michigan again this year the pressure will be high..." Finally, he had a last second plug for the network telling folks to call Direct TV to get all the action. He spit out this plug in a shade under 32 seconds.

Train with a great response: "If I didn't know who was talking I would have thought it was some guy calling from Verona."

1) Thom Brennaman and Charles Davis
2) Wayne Larrivee and Chris Martin
3) Mark Neely and Glen Mason
4) Roger Twibell and Mike Tomczak (the ex-QB)
5) Jim Kelly (not the ex-QB) and Richard Baldinger
6) Scott Graham and Derrick Walker
7) Ron Thulin and Butler By'not'e


Goldy said...

Dick Baldinger. Awesome!
Is that Jim Kelly the ex-ESPN golf announcer from like 10 years ago?

They should get John Paul Delacamra and Tommie Smyth to do some games. Throw in Shamus Mallon as well.

matt said...

I'm surprised Kevin Harlan isn't involved, since he announces games on every other channel (including Telemundo).