Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ponch Goes Loco

Johnny Estrada don't take shit from no one.
Perhaps trying to make it 4 teams in 4 years, Johnny Estrada mixed it up with Ned in the dugout during today's debacle.
What do we think they were arguing about?
A. Ned didn't appreciate Johnny's pitch selection.
B. AP paid Johnny $30 to try to knock Ned out.
C. Johnny was pissed because the uniform guys only gave him the XXXXL pants today.
D. It was staged to make us think that this team cares.
If Ned goes out and gets himself suspended for 5 games tomorrow, we'll know that this was just a pathetic attempt to copy the Cubs.


Brad said...

Maybe Ponch didn't like the broken down 1983 Honda motorcycle with a leaking gas tank and squeeky breaks Ned issued him?

AP said...

For the record, I did not offer Johnny any money. (But if Johnny wants to KO Yost, far be it from me to stop him.)

.....This whole thing is weird, but I kind of like it. Hasn't Ned been kind of a "veteran's coach" so far; I just mean hasn't he seemed to favor Counsenino and Jenks , et all over the younger guys? Didn't we just get done talking a week ago about how Ned "Jumped on a grenade" for Johnny in the Red's series? I just think that if you consider those things, it seems pretty unrealistic to assume that Ponch had zero reason to go after Yost. Fair?

I wtched the game on MLB gameday so I didn't see it, but I've heard that possibly Ned was dogging JJ or Charlie Newhouse about some "lackluster" performance issues. Perhaps Johnny was reminding Neddy that those guys have been performing pretty well all year. I saw TG got into it as well, so again if the vets seem to be butting heads with Ned then I would think the vets were kind of sticking up for some of the kids and perhaps it was not completely without reason.

The reason I like this, is because of something I mentioned earlier. Yost is vanilla; he has no fire. Granted Estrada has had problems elsewhere, but I beleive he's also batting near .290 (2nd on team?) so I am going to look the other way for Estrada. Maybe this will prevent me from having to look in the dugout and see Yost with his hands in his armpits (Mary Catherine Gallager?) with that stupid expresionless look on his face for the rest of the year. It just seems the Vets are getting frustrated, and this might be the first time the Vets are going to carry the kids (which BTW, at the beginning of the year was how it was "supposed" to work.) This seems like the first signs of life from a team that had flatlined. The extra inning walk off was a blip on the EKG, and here's another blip. This team might be doing that thing that Hulk Hogan used to do, where he was kind of "Hulking up" while he was getting worked over by some meatball, and then one big punch and he'd look the meatball in the eye and then proceed to kick his ass. If they're not doing that, these last couple of blips are just the heart attack before the end of it all for the Brew Crew. Seriously, doesn't it just feel like this is either going to end really well or really bad, and there' not a lot of middle ground? Yost had better get fired up, he's in 1st and if he misses the postseason It's not unrealistic to think he's gone next year.

BC said...

The best part of the video clip was Dave Bush and his stupid beard just standing there like "nothing to see here...move along. Nobody's fighting...nothing to see..."

AP said...

That was kind of the attitude of the post game interviews as well. "Nothing happened....What fight? We're fine"

Larry said...

Graffanino is a Richard!
Maybe next time Ned should put his hand over his mouth and talk like Maddox does on the mound.

Ned stumbled over all his words regarding the fight. Sounded like an A-Ball Manager. I think Ned might be purposely throwing the season cause he has an all inclusive paid Whitetail Hunting Trip in Alberta scheduled in early Oct. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

My two cents....
It takes a tough situation sometimes to show what you're made of. Right now the Brewers as a team are in that situation. We are, for better or for worse, going to see what the Brewers are made of. As a fan you will truly see what you are made of as well, there are pessimists and optimists, die-hards, and bandwagon jumpers. I love situations like this b/c it shows people's true colors. I am not going to speculate as to what was said or who's fault the fight was, because I wasn't there (I mean honestly Johnny probably farted while walking by and Ned got blamed for it) so who knows what started it. Gentlemen, we are about to see how good the Brewers really are, and how true blue your friends are.