Friday, August 3, 2007

Packer Training Camp Roundup

KGB stealing some poor kids bike. I think it's up on eBay if you want it.

I've been keeping an eye on the outstanding training camp coverage over on Here are some trends worth noting:
  • Dave Rayner has been money. He's like 28-29 kicking with an actual kick rush coming at him.
  • Patrick Dendy is brutal. Getting torched by everyone. Some Jarrett Bush guy is climbing the depth chart...looks to be on the fast track to win the nickle corner job.
  • Aaron Rodgers throws have been both strong, and accurate.
  • #4 doesn't seem very interested (a family death probably has something to do with it)...just chucking balls into triple coverage. Looks like someone is in mid-season form.
  • Justin Harrell has been a big, fat, out of shape slob thus far. The only people he's dominated have been tomato cans.
  • The offense was taking their licks early in camp, but has been sharper of late.
  • Rookie WR James Jones has been making some plays. This year's Greg Jennings?
  • The safeties are (surprise!) getting beat deep on a pretty consistent basis.
  • Early on, Brandon Jackson couldn't pass block or catch a pass. He's improving daily. He better, or its the Noah Herron show baby!
  • The Hawkster's gonna be a friggin animal this year.


AP said...

Why do we even play safeties? Couldn't those two defensive positions be better utilized by one more DT & LB on the field or maybe two CB's covering the WR's?

Seriously, Collins is OK but the rest of our safeties have blown goats since #36 left. (I realize that's Collins number as well.)

Anonymous said...

forgive me if i'm wrong, but if i remember right a couple of ass clowns were saying that hawk was a bust last year after a couple of practices too. whoever thinks you can learn anything from a rookie after half a week of practices is an idiot.

Brad said...

For the record, I was just commenting on how guys have looked thus far (according to various reports), not if guys will be a bust or not.

If you were responding to APs comments, neither of the starting safeties getting smoked are rookies.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't responding to either, it was more responding to published reports on stuff like this. Most journalists are stupid in how they report stuff like this. what the hell do 3 days in early august mean anyway? half the time they're in shorts and not tackling anyway.

AP said...

My comments on the safeties involved the previous ten years and not the first 3 practice sessions. It's just the early report card; I'm sure Brad understands that 3 days of practicing doesn't extrapollate out to a full season. With that being said, you'd still REALLY like it if you're #1 draft pick, whom you drafted higher than most teams would've projected, and whom you drafted that high because you thought the world of his potential, you'd like it if that guy didn't look like a shit bag in his first several practices. Hawk didn't have the same injury concerns as Harrel either, so there might be a little bit more of a reason to be concerned. Again anonymous, though 3 days is a very, VERY small sample size, it thusfar makes up 100% of the data available. When should we begin to critique the team, February of '08?

Anonymous said...

ap your a jackass, i was never badmouthing any of the comments here, i was basically stating that many journalists jump the gun on determing who is a bust and who is a superstar. you can at least wait until the first couple of preseason games to critique the team, but with rookies you probably need to wait even longer. for most it is a big change and a huge learning curve. wouldn't expect you to figure this out though, most of your posts is just you bitching and complaining about someone anyway

Bill said...

Wow, easy anonymous tough guy...

Its easy to be tough when you dont have the balls to say your name.

Anyways in regards to, its a great site however the forum is full of Thompson hating idiots. Stay away.

Anonymous said...

would it make a difference if i said my name. what you plan on hunting me down and beating me up

Bill said...

I am too fat to fight... I am just saying this is a friendly site, no need to call names. Disagree but keep cool about it.

AP said...

But complaining is fine....what's wrong with that? It's's part of what goes on. I promise you I cheer 10X as hard as I complain for the Crew & the Pack to make up for it. I know I'm a jackass.....but are you saying we need to wait until the end of the year or week 12 or something before we make any comments on Harrel? I hope that's not what you're saying, because I'm pretty sure that if Harrel sucks in the first preseason game (Darren College last year?) it is all you're going to hear about in the media. That's not irresponsible, it just is what it is so far. What Journalists/articles are you referring to? Who out there is saying, "I've seen 18 hours of practice and let me tell you, Justin Harrel will never cut it in the NFL." It's OK to criticize millionaire star athletes BTW, my interest and monetary involvement in their stupid profession is what buys them Hummers and late nights at strip clubs.

OK NEW RULE- No Packer comments of any kind until week 15; it's too early to speculate otherwise.

....Good luck with that.

AP said...'ll notice I did refrain from name calling....unless you count calling myself a jackass as name calling.

Anonymous said...

wow dude i'm just saying wait a little longer. no need to overexaggerate and say wait till week 15 to determine if he's any good. and who knows he may suck ass this year, doesn't automatically make him a bust. many rookies suck their first year.


AP said...

I totally agree, rookies suck and that doesn't make them busts. Totally agree.

...But TT really stuck his neck out with that draft pick, and it could be the type of pick that sticks with a GM for his career or gets him booted out of town like Sherman taking a motherflipping punter in the 3rd round. There's a lot of scrutiny and criticism that's going to come with this pick just's kind of a signature pick from Teddy ballgame. Conversely, if Harrel is like Julius Peppers in the first 5 games, people are going to start worshiping golden idols of Ted Thompson. That's not exactly fair either but it's what's going to happen.

People have opinions on sports dude, whether they are justified or not, and everyone pretty much thinks their opinion is more important/informed/correct than the other guy's. Honestly, those irresponsible reporters are trying to sell papers. I don't think I'd even take a 2nd look at a headline that reads....

"Harrel underperforms in 1st couple practices....but it's not really that big a deal since he's still a rookie and there is a lot of time and honestly just get off his back!"

....and for the record, for everyone on this site, my feelings on TT are the exact polemic opposite of my feelings towards Yost. I like the guy is what i'm saying.....I won't be bitching at all about Teddy ballgame. So you have that to look forward too.....

Goldy said...

If the over under for Packers wins this season is 5 or over, I am putting big money on the under. This worked well for me two seasons ago. This team is going to be awful. The only thing that helps is that they get to play the Vikings and Lions 4 times.

AP said...

I'll take the over Goldy.....way over. Yes, I've been drinking the Kool aide. 8-8. The NFC is horseshit.......and the NFC North is like miniature horseshit. I have no idea what that means.....but they're really bad is the point.

woziszeus said...

The Packers schedule is just sick...really. Besides the Lions (who might be good if Jon Kitna knows what he is talking about), Vikings, & Raiders every game looks like a potential loss.

What is going to save the Pack this year is the D. If they play at last year's December pace they are going to keep the team in ballgames. But honestly, who is going to carrying the ball in this offense? Noah Herron?

AP said...

.....I'm still holding out hope for that LJ trade. It won't happen, but it makes me feel good to treat it like it's possible.

Brad said...

Last year I was convinced the Pack would win 3 games, 4 if they were lucky. They won 8. 8 with a bunch of rookies and a new coaching staff.

I think with the O-line having a year under their belt will be a great plus. The only rookie starters should be Jackson. Harrell won't start right away, I dont care if he's #1 on the depth chart. That was just to motivate Williams and Jolley.

Dont get me wrong, they won't be great. But if they won 8 with a bunch of rookies, they can win 7 or 8 with everyone having some more experience.

You can't say "this schedule is so hard/easy" in the NFL. Teams go up and down so much it's impossible. Every time the Monday Night schedule comes out, every week looks fantastic. Then, in about week 6 half the games are garbage.

I guess we should start doing more Packer breakdown posts, then everyone can give some predictions.