Thursday, August 23, 2007

Packers - Jags, 7:00 PM

"Eat Curly's turf Byron!"

Keep Your Eyes Open For:

Offensive Line Push - Jax has two monsters in the middle of their D-Line with Big John Henderson and Marcus Stroud. GB made progress in the running game last week after looking awful in week 1. If Wells, Colledge, and Spitz can get some push...that would be huge.

Atari - Looked like a man possessed last week rushing the QB like a crazy man. That's great, but lets see if his coverage skills are adequate. Then again, he has to be better than Manuel

Byron Leftwich's Head - If the GB defense gets pressure on the QB like last week, they might decapitate the glacial-like Leftwich.

Special Teams - This area has significantly improved from a few years ago. We now have two good kickers, a good punter, and return teams that can actually start drives past their own 25.

Harrell - Our first rounder has yet to even look decent in games and/or practice. He's supposed to get some reps with the 1st team tonight. When he does, it would be nice to see some sort of ability. I'm not calling him a bust, I'm just saying.


matt said...

Quick - what's the worst thing that could have possibly happened this preseason?

An injury to Donald Driver.


Anonymous said...

X-Rays negative!!!!

Bill said...

Did Harrell even play in the game... I did not watch much of the second half but I did not see him at all

Brad said...

I did see him stuff the run a couple times late in the game, but wasn't watching it too closely at that point.

sleestak said...

The D was looking pretty good last night; Bishop's stick was sweet! That said, the running game needs A LOT of work.