Friday, August 24, 2007

Giants Dodge Prince

Well, Prince will start serving his suspension tonight, after MLB agreed to reduce it to 2 games. Fielder will be out tonight and tomorrow.

Who replaces him? Joe Dillon? Corey Hart (I think he played some first in the minors)? And does Braun move back to the 3-hole? Noah Lowry has 13 wins?

Many questions.


woziszeus said...

Lowry is lefthanded, so you know Yost will be stacking the right handed hitters up there.

Hart at first, Mench in left. He MUST keep Gabe "Praise the Lord" Gross in there though. Too hot.

Dick or Dillon at two bagger?

Mike said...

Dillon should be on first. Please for all things holy, move Fielder back to fourth when he returns.