Friday, August 10, 2007

Matty V: Not a Fan of St. Louis

The blog Awful Announcing brings us this gem from our old friend Matt Vasgersian...who will not be spending his vacation time in St Louis, to be sure:

8-06-07 " ....As one of the ozarks finest pours himself out of the grandstands.....(pause)...and by the way the Rams should still be in L.A.......Had it with this place already.....(pause)....get back in your el camino and drive back to the ozarks..........."

Then with Baird at bat he forgot to hit his cough switch, in faint audio you here

"......Im done with this place...Im so tired of losing here.....Its hotter than shit......We get our asses kicked every time we come here .....Im not coming here next year."

Good stuff, he tries to play it off as if nothing happened. He actually responds to the blog:

Outstanding give and take fellas ... I'm digging all the grief this seems to have caused. As a loyal AA/Deadspin guy I'm actually pretty fired up to have landed on the radar here. In fairness to the sweaty Midwest, all that "St. Louis bashing" was for the benefit of the locals on our crew who like to ride us San Diegans about being slapped around by the Redbirds in the post-season every friggin' year. Not to mention I proudly rocked an El Camino back in the day myself. Keep blasting !! Now if you'll excuse me there's a celebrity pull-my-finger tournament looking for a play-by-play guy.

Second Rate Announcer,
Matt Vasgersian

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Anonymous said...

That is simply why Matty V is the best!!!

-Not so anonymous Jake