Monday, July 2, 2007

A Wrigleyville Request

Wrigleyville23's first request of the proprietors of Chuckie Hacks when they return is to update the NL Central standings on the top right corner to more accurately reflect the race.

We dally at Wrigleyville23, as well, but not this badly. Chuckie Hacks readers deserve more.

Thank you.


Jags said...

Welp...This is gonna be a rough 24 hrs!

Matt said...

All fixed. Thanks for the suggestion.

AP said...

Matt, I know you just did the updated standings but I am a little confused & I think you might've made an error. You've got 2nd place (Cubs) with a .500 record. I know they spent like 300 million dollars in the offseason and I remember seeing them on television bouncing around on Friday like they just won the NL pennant so I have to assume that their record is above that. Please update the standings and show what I am forced to assume is a 57-23 record for our neighbors to the South. I can't believe they gained so much ground on us with one home run....I could've sworn that going into the weekend the Crew was like 14 games over .500. That was some homerun by AR.....!