Monday, July 9, 2007

John Clay Ineligible

Badger uber-recruit John Clay has been ruled ineligible for the upcoming season. Clay has been considered one of the best RBs in Wisconsin high school history. Unfortunately, he didn't pay attention in history class as his grade point average resembles Matt's blood alcohol after a night of gin. I'm waiting for Goldy's response...both he an Clay are Racine natives. In fact, they grew up only 3 doors down from each other. I made that last sentence up.

Without Clay, UW should have just three scholarship tailbacks on its roster when pre-season camp opens next month.

They are: sophomore P.J. Hill, who rushed for 1,569 yards and 15 touchdowns and was named Big Ten freshman of the year; sophomore Lance Smith, who rushed for 345 yards and five touchdowns; and freshman Zach Brown, who rushed for 1,062 yards and added 149 yards in receptions as a senior last season at Royal Palm Beach High School in Royal Palm, Fla.

Does Royce Roberson have any eligibility left?


Goldy said...

Word has always been that some coaches were higher on Brown than they were on Clay. In Clay's case, all I have to say is, Racine pride. He is following the exact same track as Brent Moss. Win state HS football title at Racine Park. Committ to the Badgers. Be ineligible Freshman year (Moss was a Prop 48 guy).
Now if Clay holds form, he will be the Rose Bowl MVP in 2010 (2009 season), buy some crack off the southern end of Park St. around November of 2010, join some new WWF football league in 2012 and close up his career with the Racine Raiders in 2013 and follow that up with being sent to jail in Racine.

Obviously I hope this doesn't happen to Clay.

In other news, I saw Caron Butler at Mayfair yesterday.

DWade said...

I'm not buying that whole Brown grades out better than Clay thing...the staff knew Clay had little chance of qualifying so pimping the other RB recruit seems to be a spin job...I hope I'm wrong..we'll find out once PJ gets rung and Smith runs the wrong way on a toss

Goldy said...

I agree with what you are saying, I was just stating this theory was out there. Then again, it could be like Iowa saying they didn't think Bohannan was athletic enough to play in the BIg Ten right before he signed with the Badgers.