Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Well, That Explains Everything!

Just stumbled across the fact that Sean Berry is the Houston Astros' hitting coach. Yes, it's that Sean Berry.

Isn't that kind of like making Jeff Juden your pitching coach?


Anonymous said...

I heard Kevin Reimer is looking for a job!!! In reality it is one thing to know how to hit and another to actually be able to teach big leaguers how to hit. Obviously most of them already know how to hit (they are in the big leagues) but there is a fair amount of tweaking that goes on so you will often see guys who had a lot of different stances become coaches...good or bad, or guys like Tony Gwynn become coaches, natural hitter with a pure love for the game! As a coach myself I appreciate both. At the MLB level, I tend to put the blame on the hitter rather than the coach, except of course their approach sucks (like Kevin Mench).

matt said...

Agreed - lots of great hitters aren't good hitting coaches (Eddie Murray just got fired, for example), for one reason or another.

I just love it (and think it's newsworthy) when a mediocre major league hitter becomes a hitting coach...especially when the hitter was not only mediocre, but flat out awful, when he played for the Brewers.