Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Overstatement of the Year

Turned on the game at the exact moment the RF from Houston whiffed on Weeks' line drive. Start the merry go round. A 9 run 6th! Impressive. I also stomached the Brewer post game show which included some babbling by Dave Nelson and crazy talk by Ned Yost during the post game press conference. Not before he referred to every Brewer with a "y" after their name: Sheetsy, Brauny, Graffy, Jenksy, Menchy...etc. The overstatement of the year may have come from Yost when describing Vargas:

"He might be the best #5 pitcher in baseball. Other teams would die to have Claudio Vargas."

Easy there cowboy...easy. The first sentence, debatable. The second...settle, settle.

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AP said...

Bush is the guy who has had his spot skipped in the rotation recently; I think you could make the case that Vargas is our #4 and Bush is the #5 guy. I think the Brewers are something like 12-2 in games that Vargas pitches. That's not too bad for a guy who hasn't pitched past the 6th inning yet this year......It's good to see that Ned is drinking the Kool-aid.