Thursday, June 21, 2007

Upcoming Foes

After playing a few tough teams in the last month, the Brewers will now continue their AAA schedule. Plenty of wins should follow. This is the schedule through the month of July:
  • KC (29-44)
  • Houston (31-41)
  • Cubs (32-38)
  • Pitt (31-40)
  • Washington (30-42)
  • Colorado (37-34)
  • Arizona (42-31)
  • SF (30-41)
  • Cinci (28-45)
  • St Louis (32-37)

For a grand win/loss total of 322-393! Wow. If we're not 12 games up in the Central on August 1st, something is wrong. By the way, when did the Rockies become good??


AP said...

I am thinking free George Webb's hamburgers somewhere in that stretch. No for eating of course, but for like throwing at people.

matt said...

The Rockies also have a sweet collection of home-grown talent in their every day lineup...probably rivals Milwaukee's.