Thursday, June 21, 2007

Goldy's Weekly Takes

So, I guess I am back to talking about the Brewers again.

Last Tuesday, I mentioned to someone that Hall's homer against the Tigers was the biggest hit of the year so far for the Brewers. If the Crew would not have gone on to win 7 of their next 8, this statement would not ring true. One could also say that the 22-hit performance against the Rangers got this team back on track as well. They have hit well since then, with the exception of the no hitter. By all accounts, Verlander was unreal that game and most teams would have been no hit.

The reason I am focusing on Hall's homer is the overall circumstances that surrounded Hall's homer. The Brewers had come off a series in which they lost 2 out of 3 to the worst team in baseball at the time. Their previously lights out closer blew back to back games. Thankfully they won one of those games, but the Saturday night meltdown was of epic proportions. They were no hit the night before. They have managed a complete lack of clutch hits over the past month. I would say that most Brewers' fans viewed this as a lost game. I know I did.

Then Hall just rips one. That ball was nailed. Cordero comes in and gets the save. The Crew has only lost one since and that was a solid effort. The lead is now at 7.5 games. The line up looks solid again with everyone hitting.

Really, who knows if Hall's homer made that big of a difference, but as a fan, that was the played that got me excited about the Brewers again after a month-long malaise.

Some other thoughts:
  • All the good Brewers vibes would have been quickly washed away if they would have pissed away Gallardo's debut. Things were going good with the 6-1 lead and that game ended up way too exciting.
  • I noticed the Brewers have a stretch of 15 days where they do not play at home beginning on June 28. They have an off day the 28th, road series at Chicago, Pittsburgh and Washington and then the All-Star break, with a day off the Thursday after the break. They celebrate their return home with a Ted Simmons bobble-head, probably my least favorite 82 Brewer.
  • I spent way too much time watching various Easterns Motors commercials on YouTube last night. Seriously, those things are hilarious. Especially when everyone is so excited that "their job is their credit." That is probably one of the most ludicrous things I have ever heard. Then again, I do need a new car. Maybe I will look into Easterns.
  • Speaking of the Easterns commercials, Clinton Portis is a top notch entertainer.
  • Easy Lover!
  • So, who are the Brewers' All Stars? Obviously Prince and CoCo. Sheets is looking good. Outside of them, I don't see too many other guys. Hardy? maybe. Elmer Dessens?
  • Sorry about the Rod Stewart video. I should have gone with Billy Ocean.
  • I really don't care for U.S. Open golf. I want to see guys make an occasional birdie. I don't want to watch and see who will screw up the least. I am not advocating GMO type scores where the winner is at -30-something, but it would be nice to see somebody make a putt of over 10 feet on the back nine on Sunday.
  • The Brewers on the soap opera yesterday was corny, but enjoyable. DVR was made for something like that.
  • I saw that Jack Taschner pitched for the Giants yesterday. He went to Horlick and was a very good player. He was a year younger than me, but I honestly don't ever remember him pitching. I know he did well at Oshkosh and I am sure that he had some great coaching there. I do know that if I ever have a son, I really hope he is left-handed and can throw in the mid- 80's and develop a good curve.

'Til next time, "Fords, Hondas, Chevys, Beamers, and Mini-Vans"


AP said...

FYI-Johnny Estrada needs just one more stolen base to reach the career milestone of 1 stolen base. I hope that happens here; it'd be a shame for him to get that on the road.

(I'm not bagging on Estrada, it was just listed in the Brewer's press release from yesterday and I thought it was hilarious.)

matt said...

Kevin Mench just needs one walk to reach the milestone of 1 unintentional walk this year. He has 143 at bats this year.

AP said...

Speaking of free passes, 5 of the 6 teams with the fewest walks in the NL happen to be in the NL central. The Cards, Cubs, and Pirates all walk LESS than the Brewers and the Reds have only walked 3 more times. Apparently hackin' on 2-0 is just playin' NL Central style ball.

Again, I'm not like Mench's mom or anything, but the only counter-point to the "Mench ain't walkin'" argument is that he has the highest batting average on the team w/ RISP. He goes out there to get RBI's, and so far this year he's done that at a higher clip than anyone else. It's guys like Gross, Weeks, and Miller (who are all batting sub .200 w/ RISP) that should be taking more pitches in my opinion. I guess I'm fine with Mench swingin', and I'd hack too if I only played twice a month.