Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Save Coco!

Goldy and I watched the game last night, and as we witnessed Cordero once again save the Brewers from themselves, the discussion turned to what the Brewers are going to do about closing games after Cordero becomes a FA at the end of the year.

We agreed - you do everything you can to re-sign Cordero. Who else can close on this team? Turnbow has proven that he's unable to consistently get the job done. After that? Aquino has closed in the past, but he's been a disaster this year too. Capellan was supposed to be groomed as a closer but there's no chance of that happening now.


AP said...

You will need to clear TG, ED, The Glue, Mench, and Koskie's collective salaries off of the books first. I think that totals somewhere in the neighborhood of 15-18 million. Then you can use that cash to resign JJ, Prince, Cordero, and anyone else you'd like and still have some to play with to make a splash in free agency. Don't forget Sheets' contract is up after next year too, and I don't think we are about to win a bidding war in free agency over him. Hall in LF, Gwynn CF, Hart RF, Gross or maybe Mench or (free agent) utility OF. I think that allows you to keep that infield together and maybe even sign a pitcher in free agency.

Goldy said...

I see Bob Wickman will be a FA after this season.

BC said...

The Crew might be in trouble on this one. What did BJ Ryan get, like 5 years $45 million? And that was 2 years ago. CoCo could probably get 4 years, 45 mil in today’s market.

Also, Dougie Melvin seems to be a fan of not giving big money to closers. Kolb, D-Bow, CoCo…all scrapheap guys. I think he would rather pay the cash in other places. Then again, maybe he never had the resources to go out and get a closer in the past.

Tony said...

AP no offense but were you too deep in Packer depression this off-season to see what went on in Free Agency this winter? $15 million will barely be enough if at all to resign JJ and Prince to long term deals (which Doug doesn’t like to do, but I think he will make an exception here, alla Bill Hall).

Free Agency Pitching was ridiculous this year, Ted Friggin Lilly and Gil Meche got $40 mil plus! Coco has been the man this year no questions asked, but if the crew can not resign him at a REASONABLE price then you have to cut ties. I don’t know who can step in but Billy Bean has been pretty good at saying closers DO grow on trees and I think the Brewer track record would agree For at lest their first year each of these guys were true closers or at worst they were serviceable :

1. Wickman
2. Leskanic
3. Fetters
4. Honey DeJean
5. Kolb
6. Turnbow
7. now Coco

After each one left fans questioned who would fill the role and each time someone stepped up. Milwaukee is still a small market team and even with LA dollar ownership he is also a smart business man will not spend foolishly.

BC said...

Well put Tony, I have to agree and disagree with you at the same time. Agree with the Brewer's fortunes of finding closers to be successful after losing another. Thats one bright spot for this franchise the last dozen years.

That said, we used to suck back then. It was fine to just try a scrapheap guy and see if it works. Next year? There's a good chance we will be NL Central favorites. Do you really want to find a junk guy and hope he turns into Turnbow (his first year)? Wouldnt it be nice to have a know commodity going into the 9th when we are the NL Central, and possibly the NL Pennant favorites? Just ask Cleveland...I said this months ago: If they had a real closer they would be scary.

Anyway, Doug knows infinatly more than me, I'm sure he will figure it out.

AP said...

Jesus Tony! Cordero ALREADY makes 5 million a year with this year's club option. Even with a HUGE new contract, his yearly salary would only go up several million, maybe 7-10 a year. JJ & Prince are still young, and they aren't really to the point of getting the Soriano/Carlos Lee deal yet (See-Howard, Ryan in Philly). I'm not saying 15 million will sign them all and cover their entire contract, I am saying 15million will cover the INCREASE in yearly salaries for thesee guys. Meche's contract is over 5 years, 5M this year, 7M in 'o8 and so on, you don't owe him all of that money at once. Check the website.....

Braunback Mt. said...

Can anyone say "Will Inmann"??