Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Dom James Update

Not that we didn’t know this already, but Dom James is quite an athlete. Sure he struggles shooting, running an O-fense, and guarding anyone, but he’s an athlete. This JS article links to an Excel sheet containing the measurables for the players in the Orlando pre-draft camp. James ranks as the 3rd "best athlete" when you mash all the numbers through some sort of fancy equation…probably a variation of the famous QB rating formula.

Another note: Kevin Durant was unable to bench press 185 once. Zero reps. Couldn’t even do it once. I’ll bet anyone that I could bench 185 once, right here, right now….despite running at a doughy 190 pounds who hasn’t lifted in about 8 years.

Back to James...he seems hell-bent on staying in the draft, even if he's almost guaranteed not to get drafted in the first round, and might not get drafted at all. Is college really that bad?

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