Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rod Stewart - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy

Just a test.


Htiek said...

Mcmanus...Those are awesome black leather pants you are sporting in the video.

Is that Slash walking around the bar?

Also, what were you drugging that girl with....your famous Gin and Snapple Bali Blast combo??

You guys really freaked me out at first...I was traveling and hadn't checked this site in about a week and saw this as the top story.....

Keep up the good work

matt said...

I think those were spandex. Lemme go check my closet.

Goldy...seriously, what was that? I can say that this was the first Hacks post that my wife enjoyed - she likes that song for some reason and clearly that video is ridiculous.

Goldy said...

Needed to test how to put video on this blog and figured this video was significantly stupid enough to be our test case. Personally, I enjoy Rod's backing band. Those guys are winners.And yes, clearly the video is rediculous.