Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Boo Bird Update

Feelin' Silly at the Park Right Now
A group of nearly 20,000 ill-informed boo birds descended upon Miller Park this afternoon, ready to boo and heckle Giants slugger Barry Bonds in the final game of the Brewers series against the Giants. Only one problem - Bonds was not in the lineup for today's game.

Unfortunately, these poor souls were unaware of the fact that Bonds typically rests on day games played after night games, due to his balky knees.

"Man, this sucks," said 20-year old college sophomore Jake Reams, who had taped an asterisk on his white T-shirt with black electrical tape. "Now what the hell am I supposed to do?"

Others in Reams' section were equally chagrined, including four dopes with the numbers "7" "5" "6" and an asterisk painted on their chests.

The consensus among the group was that they would quickly switch gears and heckle Benjie Molina, the Giants catcher, every time he came up to bat, "because that's a really stupid name - Benjie?"

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