Thursday, June 14, 2007

Reds Upcoming Road Trip: Impossible

If you thought the Brewers are going through a tough schedule, it’s nothing compared to the Reds’. At least that’s what Reds announcer Marty Brennaman thinks as he compared the Reds upcoming road trip to…..THE BATAAN DEATH MARCH! Ummm...OK. Unless we see Adam Dunn and his boys walking from Cincinnati to St Louis, against their will, without water, getting shot along the way for not going fast enough…I’ll just call it a “tough roadie.”

Ironically, I’m just finishing up a book about the soldiers from said event called “Ghost Soldiers.” It’s a great read. Hope you enjoyed this edition of the “Hacks book of the month club!”

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Matt said...

The best (worst?) part of this story? The road trip he's complaining about is Oakland, Seattle, and Philly. Big deal.