Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Prince: Not Your Average 12-Year-Old

"Don't ask me about my gambling degenerate father," scowls Prince.

Prince, Prince's bat, and Prince's wide shoulders roll into the place where he hung out as a kid, Detroit. Stories of him taking batting practice as a kid were legendary, as highlighted by this Detroit Free Press article:

"I saw it," Ernie Harwell said.

"Not a myth," Alan Trammell asserted. "It really happened."

Prince Fielder was only a boy -- albeit a "terrifically big" boy, in Harwell's words -- when he stepped to the plate at Tiger Stadium and swatted a baseball the way his father, Cecil, so often did.

Prince bats left-handed, Cecil right-handed, but the result was the same. Prince pulled the ball down the rightfield line, and it landed in the lower deck.

"Our mouths dropped," Trammell said in a telephone interview Monday. "You don't expect a 12-year-old to hit the ball out of a major league ballpark.

As for the Tiggers-Brewers series, getting one will be a challenge. Thanks to Zeus for tipping me on the article.


Goldy said...

Chopper, I am as down on the Brewers right now as anybody, but your statement of "getting one will be a challenge" is absurd. Yah, they have played like junk over the past month and the Tigers are mashing, but I expect at least one victory in this series. The Brewers are not that bad.

Matt said...

I think they're going to win the series. Why? Don't know - just a hunch.

BC said...

"expect at least one victory." Come on Goldy...makes it sound like you are betting they win the series. Let's see...they've won one series in the last 9, and Detroit might be the best team they've played all year.

BUT, I hope you are right and I am wrong.

AP said...

I'm sure everyone shares the sentiments of Goldy & Matt in their hearts, but I think the brains probably suggest that the smart money is on the tigers. But the Brewers have always played better against teams & pitchers that you wouldn't expect them to. It's the AAA guys that make us look stupid. I'll go Brewers 2 out of 3. Of course, I'm completely prepared to be totally wrong.

Superman said...

This little article really isn't that impressive. So Prince used to jack homers when he was 12.... So what! When I was in high school i kicked a football into orbit and I stopped a car from falling on my dad while he was changing a tire when I was like 3 years old.

Goldy said...

I am not even saying that I think the Brewers are going to sweep or take 2 out of three, I just think thatthe thought tha it will be a challenge to win just one of the games is off-base. This is still a division-leading team (no matter how poor the division) and it should never be viewed as a challenge to not get swept.

AP said...

We won 1 of 3 in the series last year and we are probably better this year so i would agree w/ you Goldy that winning one is likely.

I remeber one of those games last year because I was in the buckethead section. Helling started the game with 9 consecutive strikes in the 1st inning and everyone was pumped. I think when I left in the 4th inning it was like 10-0 Tigers. Bad Times.