Thursday, June 28, 2007

NBA Mock Draft - Misinformation Edition

Everyone knows that every GM and NBA front office source is a big fat liar right around draft time. At least the good ones are. Teams spend lots of time using the media to spread false rumors and leak misinformation about who they are, or are not, going to draft.

With that being said, we should be able to figure out the top of tonight's NBA draft lottery by following the exact opposite of what is being reported in the media. Without further's the misinformation mock draft.

1. Portland - Kevin Durant

ESPN's Ric Bucher told us last night that Portland is definitely taking Oden. Meaning that Durant is their guy.

2. Seattle - Greg Oden

No amount of disinformation or misinformation can reasonably lead Oden to fall past #2. Oden is Seattle's pick after he falls into their lap.

3. Atlanta - Al Horford

The Hawks want Yi. So that means they won't take him. Horford it is, in a mild upset (because this pick actually makes sense for Billy King).

4. Memphis - Brendan Wright

The Grizzlies love Corey Brewer. The Grizzlies are going to definitely take Joakim Noah. The Grizzlies want Mike Conley Jr. Chad Ford tells us so. Therefore, we're going to look behind door number 4 and pick Brendan Wright.

5. Boston trades #5 pick to Phoenix. Phoenix takes Yi Jianlin.

Danny Ainge said they're not trading this pick. Which, of course, means it's as good as gone. We'll guess that it's going to Phoenix for Yi.

6. Milwaukee - Joakim Noah.

The Bucks aren't even considering Joakim Noah, according to personnel boss Dave Babcock. A clear indication that Noah is their guy.

7. Minnesota - Spencer Hawes

Hawes said that he doesn't have any assurance that the T'Wolves will draft him. Which means that's exactly where he's going. I don't even know who this guy is, which is a perfect fit for Kevin McHale.


AP said...

I'm not an NBA expert....but drafting a guy who pretty much said doesn't wan't to play for you can't be a good idea. I'm at McGinn's right now and everyone broke into laughter after that draft pick. Go Las Vegas! They're interviewing this guy right now and he doesn't exactly look happy to be playing in Milwaukee. Google & Mapquest's servers just crashed b/c 1.2 billion people just looked up where Milwaukee was. Of course, they also just sold 1.2 billion jerseys so maybe it's not a bad pick.

Anonymous said...

That's good stuff AP!