Thursday, June 28, 2007

10 Reasons To Watch The Draft

(As stated before) Despite hating the NBA, the draft is always entertaining. Here are 10 reasons why:

1) It doesn't resemble watching a glacier....unlike the NFL version. 3 minutes between picks. You can watch the NFL draft for 3 hours and see like 7 selections. Lame

2) The Unknown – After #1 and 2, it's up in the air.

3) See Ya! – It’s the last chance we see these guys before they enter the witness protection program know as the “Association.”

4) Hubie Brown and Jay Bilas – Listen to Hubie Brown make up words and Jay Bilas accentuate statements like his microphone is 10 feet away. I remember the Shaun Livingston pick, it was “THE BALL IS AN EXTENSION OF HIS HAND…” like I’m getting yelled at.

5) Bill Simmons – Love him or hate him, his NBA draft recap is funny.

6)Milwaukee's Best – There is a good chance Larry Harris will do something ridiculous…like draft the Chinese guy who already stated he wants to play in a market with a large Asian population. I know a large Asian, but not a large Asian population.

7) Chuckster – The Chuckwagon Barkley is always good for a few laughs.

8) No Crew – The Brewers are off…what else are you gonna watch?

9) The Green Room – Every draft needs someone to go “Quinn” and fall 12 spots lower than anticipated.

10) Say Cheese! - Who doesn’t like the handshake/fake smile photo op the Commish. How about this old school pic with a young Akeem (sans "H") and a stache-sporting Stern?

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