Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cleveland Rocks? I'll be the Judge of That.

Bob Wickman, making Wisconsin proud.

Alright gents (and the anonymous hot chick), it’s off to Ohio. We found a sports bar right next to the stadium in Cinci which promotes “$1.00 drafts one hour before game time.” Advantage: ME. I’ve set aside 3 goals to accomplish on the trip:
  1. Avoid all angry Cincinnati Bengals, specifically Chris Henry
  2. Heckle Bob Wickman and his giant boiler in Cleveland (the Braves are in town) loud enough he takes note.
  3. Keep a running tally on everything Hanner eats. This could be especially challenging.

There it is folks, details forthcoming.

1 comment:

woziszeus said...

Be sure to ask Wickman if there was ever a point in his career where his ERA was less than his weight...what a cow.