Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rubber Match

The Crew earned a chance to win the series vs the Metropolitans after busting open a tight game in the 8th inning (JJ for MVP?). 12 runs is a ton with Graffy AND Counsell in the lineup simultaneously...unless they go 4-8 and score 5 runs. Benny was not vintage Benny, but still got the job done. William Hall with 3's nice to see his average climbing up a bit.

  • Rubber match pitchers: Cappy (5-0, 2.31) vs Oliver Perez (3-3, 3.48)
  • I saw a guy in the dugout who I swore was Councell...until he turned around and it said "Bat Boy, 99" on his jersey. Seriously, I thought the bat boy was Craiggers.
  • Elmer Dessens is a POS.
  • Gwynn's kid looks like a player. It would be nice to get him 200 at bats somehow...but that just won't happen this year.
  • The Crew is now 8 games in first place. That speaks volumes for both the Brewers and the NL Central.
  • Let's get tomorrows game then go, as Moses Malone would say: Fo, Fo, Fo vs Philly.

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Adam P said...

I just watched Elmer get shelled in "mop up" time in Sunday's game. Is there any way in the world that ED (which is actually kind of a funny nickname if you think about it) is more useful to this team than Braun or Gallardo would be? Seriously, this team's record might be best in baseball, but there is a ton of things that need to be addressed.