Monday, May 14, 2007

Random Rumblings

Brewers. Losing 2 of 3 at NY isn’t the worst thing. The disappointing thing is they had the starting pitching advantage in all 3 matchups and couldn’t get it done. Also, I guess they’ve decided to stop manufacturing runs….just wait for JJ to hit a bomb, I guess.

Oakland A’s. Is Billy Beane a genius, or what? A mere 1 game out of first place…once again. They have the best starting pitching ERA in baseball with a bunch of guys named: Haren, Blanton, Guadin, and Kennedy. A competitive team with these guys…imagine if Beane had the Yankees payroll to play with? Because of cash reasons, look at the list of guys he’s had to replace over the past 5-7 years: Miggy Tejada, Barry Zito, Jason Giambi, Johnny Damon, Jason Isringhausen, Tim Hudson, Jermaine Dye, Frank Thomas, Mark Mulder, Ramon Hernandez, Keith Foulke, Aaron Harang, Ted Lilly, ….good Lord! Michael Lewis’ book Moneyball was a solid read, I’d recommend it.

NASCAR. I don’t mind NASCAR. Because I live about 7 miles from Kenseth’s hometown, it’s pretty much unavoidable around here. Anyway, so Little E is a free agent. What’s the big deal? Any time I turn on a race, they show the driver rankings...I’ve never seen the standings listed by racing team. Same with the newspaper…it never says Roush racing is in first, Hendrick is second…or whatever. It’s always: Gordon 1st, Kenseth 6th…and so on. Gear heads, please explain?

NBA. Caught my first bit of the NBA playoffs last night. Watched the 3rd quarter of Jazz-Warriors. Thoughts:
  • When did AK-47 (great nickname) become “just a guy?” I thought he was like their best player?
  • What’s with Matt Barnes? Dude, you look like a coloring book.
  • Steven Jackson is clinically insane. Three different times he thought he got fouled, to no avail. If there was a handgun within reach, I swear he would have made it rain.
  • When did the Jazz unis turn the color of windshield washer fluid?


Goldy said...

Keith Ginter was an A.

Htiek said...

And after watching that game how can you not root for the Jazz? I like Larry Riley but the hot headed and thug mentality of the warriors is everything that is wrong with the NBA....while the Jazz is everything that is right.

When things start going wrong for the warriors they blow up and eventually turn back into the evil thugs they are by blowing a gasket and throwing cheap shots (aka Baron Davis elbowing fisher in the head as he was simply jogging up the court without the ball).

These guys are like Esselman when you played tecom bowl against him. All he did was talk trash and use stupid gimmicky hail of mary type plays to score and rub it in your face. But the first time you got an INT or the score was not in his favor he got mad and would throw the controlled and try to hit the "reset" button to end the game.

Also, I have a strange feeling every time I watch the Jazz that if Chopper would have hung out with Shawn Potrykus his junior year and beefed up exponentially he would have been the next Matt Harpring!!!