Thursday, May 3, 2007

Iowa Cubs - Unprofessional?

Even the minor league affiliates for the Brewers and Cubs don't like each other. Things got a bit chippy in yesterday's doubleheader between the Nashville Sounds and Iowa Cubs.

Cubs reliever Randy Wells, perhaps auditioning for the big club, gave up a go-ahead 2 run jack to Ryan Braun in the 6th inning. According to the Sounds' website:

Wells responded to Braun’s longball by throwing up and in at Vinny Rottino with his very next pitch then plunked the Sounds outfielder and was immediately ejected by the game for his unprofessional action.

That will teach Wells - you hit our guys, our team website will call you out as "unprofessional."

When reached for comment, Big Z said only that "the Reds AAA team has better hitters" than the Sounds.


Adam Peroutky said...

Lost in the passion and emotion of the story is the fact that a Cubs pitcher was actually able to hit something he was aiming for, which in this case happened to be Vinny Rotino, though to be fair it did take him two tries. I'm sure the top brass for the Cubs big league team took notice of this guy's accuracy and will be calling them up to the big leagues very soon. Of course, since it is only about 275Ft. to center at Wrigley, I'm sure there will be a ton more HR's given up and I don't think he'll be able to plunk every scrub that hits one out.

Brad said...

FYI - I just put links to the Brewers farm clubs on the home page...just for you Brewer fans yearning to follow the next JJ Hardy, Prince Fielder, or Nick Neugebauer.

Goldy said...

You really shouldn't hit guys from Racine.

Htiek said...

I think I have a Rafael Palmero Iowa Cubs rookie card...once my prized possesion.

It looks like the Iowa Cubs have another thing in common with the Tony's cubbies.....Last place.

How demoralizing would that be to play on a last place minor league team????