Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I can't even break down the the Brewers anymore...there's nothing more to say. 18-9!!! Are you sure my dyslexia isn't kicking in and it's really 9-18? With nothing more to add, I'll spew some other random baseball junk:

My new favorite player is the Braves catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Why? His name of course. Check it out on his minor league jersey. The "S" and final "A" almost stretch ass cheek to ass cheek. With this cool name comes an even cooler nickname: "Salty." Big fan.

Vladdy Guerrero is silly. Since he's been back in the lineup, the California Angles are 10-2. Check out this lineup! It's basically Vladdy and the St. Paul Saints. Loved this guy since his Les' Expos days. Oh, and look closely at the pitching stats in this box. Figures Jorge De La Rosa would turn into a decent MLB pitcher after we trade him. 3.38 ERA?? Screw it, Graffy hit a jack last night so the trade was worth it.

Believe it or not, ex-Brewer scrubs Royce Clayton, Gary Bennett, Chad Moeller, and Victor Santos are still holding down major league roster spots. Not in Milwaukee, thankfully.

Ryan Braun in a doubleheader today: 6-8, 1 HR, 2 steaks. I can't believe I'm checking out AAA box scores. And I really can't get enough of the Nashville scoreboard. That thing is sweet.

Jeff Weaver: 0-4. 18.25 ERA, $8,325,000 million, one-year contract. Outstanding!

Sammy Sosa: hitting .244, about 15 points higher than I expected.

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Htiek Greiveldinger said...

Come on Shea Hillenbrand is one of the most added/dropped 3B down the stretch in any fantasy league....and what about Shawn...err I mean Chone Figgins wasnt he decent at one time??

By the way Salty ties me with 13 letters in the last name...Chicks dig long ......names