Monday, May 28, 2007

How I Would Fix the Bucks

Now that we know that the Bucks are picking #6 in the draft (the last in a series of groin shots that this franchise has endured this year), the question is, what do the Bucks do to avoid another disappointing season next year? Here are a couple of options that I would explore to fix the Bucks - a lot of this depends on who is available at #6 in the draft.

Option 1: Draft a PG.

I said 2 years ago that I wished the Bucks could take Deron Williams at #1, because I thought he was the guy the Bucks needed (ask Chopp - I probably have the email to prove it somewhere). But since they would get lambasted for picking Williams #1, they went for Bogut, with mixed results. As you might know, Williams is playing at an unbelievably high level for Utah right now in the Western Conference Finals.

Therefore, I actually think dropping to #6 might be a blessing in disguise, if the Bucks were going to miss out on the top 2 picks. This means they can draft the guy who might help them the most next year - Mike Conley Jr. out of Ohio St. I have loved this guy's game ever since he destroyed Wisconsin in 2 late-season meetings. It was Conley, and not Oden, who Wisconsin was unable to contain in those losses.

With Conley in the fold, the Bucks can let Mo Williams walk. I like Mo, but he's just not the PG that the Bucks need to get to the next level. When healthy, they have enough guys to score the basketball. What they need is a distributor and a slasher, and Conley fits the bill. Mo is going to get ridiculous money coming off his strong 2006-07 season, and I personally don't think he's worth that money. He's a nice player, but he takes lots of shots and is a non-entity on the defensive end.

With Mo gone, the Bucks have a bunch of money to go after a free agent. Personally, I'd take a long look at Gerald Wallace, the Charlotte Bobcats forward who is one of those skill/effort players that the Bucks don't have on their roster. He's athletic, plays defense, rebounds, and generally does all of the things the Bucks don't do. He'll likely command a big salary, and Charlotte would like to re-sign him, but the Bobcats have been notorious penny-pinchers so the Bucks could make a play on him. Assuming Simmons and Charlie V come back healthy, that could be a nice rotation at the forward position.

Option 2: Draft a SF

If Conley Jr. is gone but Corey Brewer is available, the other option would be to re-sign Mo Williams and draft Brewer to fill the SF hole that was created with Bobby Simmons' disappearing act. Brewer is a long, athletic player who might eventually be an outstanding offensive player. He has range with his jumper, and was the best wing defender I saw in college basketball last year. Although I think Wallace is a better player right now, Brewer might eventually be a better scorer. This isn't a bad backup plan, although I still have my questions about Mo. Since Lynn Grier is their only PG right now, however, re-signing Mo becomes more of a priority if Conley Jr. is not available.

Option 3: Draft Noah

I don't like this option, but if both Conley Jr. and Brewer are gone (and assuming Horford is gone too), this is probably their only reasonable play. Noah does bring the shot blocking and emotion that is often missing on the Bucks, but I'd personally prefer if they can go another direction. His offensive game is unrefined, but that's probably OK for the Bucks since scoring the basketball has not been their problem. I wouldn't hate this move - just would prefer one of the other guys discussed above.

Not an Option: Sign Chauncy Billups

I know lots of people want the Bucks to go after Billups, but guess what? The Pistons aren't going to let him walk. I just don't see this happening.

What will Larry Harris do? Probably none of these options, which is why he sucks, and so do the Bucks.


Bill said...


I just think he is an a hole.

Brad Chopp said...

The first way to fix the Bucks is to move them to Las Vegas where Kohl/Harris are not running the team anymore. Google says Kohl has been the owner since 1985. He had one good team in 1987 (Inherited) and a good team in 2001. What else? He ran off Don Nelson, ran off George Karl, drafted poorly (more on this in an upcoming post), and has been in the lottery quite often.

I'm guessing thats not the answer you wanted. Anyway, I would draft Brewer. Athletic, gets to the tin, can play defense, and lets Simmons rot on the bench...where he belongs. I dont buy Conley as much as most.

I will vouch for McManus' liking of Deron Williams (who has been cleverly nicknamed by ESPN, "D-Will." Creative guys, creative). I was actually all over a different guy. When all the talk was Bogut or Marvin Williams, I said my top 5 was: Chris Paul, Chris Paul, Chris Paul, Chris Paul, and Chris Paul. Then again, I picked the Germans in WWII.

Goldy said...

Chopp, I am pretty sure your dream of the Bucks leaving town will not materialize in the near future now that the richest man in Racine sold the Nashville Pedators and will most likely be the next Bucks owner.

I have been all about drafting Conley as long as the Bucks didn't have the #1 or 2 pick. He is gold, Jerry, gold. The only problem I see here is that it might take a year or 2 for Mike to fully shine. On the plus side, he is best friends with Oden, so Oden could come here as a FA in a couple years if things go well. On the down side, Conley could be the next TJ Ford.

AP said...

I heard the Hawks are really interested in MCJr. at #3. He might be the worst kept secret in this year's draft. I don't think he'll be available. Time to give Mo mo' money.