Friday, May 4, 2007

Awards Are Just Rolling In

CoCo Cordero won some crazy award that provides sponsorship partnership funds for Major League Baseball.

I'm sure Cordero is very proud of his "DHL Presents the Major League Baseball Delivery Man of the Month Award" for April. I bet the trophy is a little DHL truck that he can put on his mantle.

Because we're looking for some sponsorship money here at Chuckie Hacks, we're not above a shameless plug...

There. That should be worth at least a grand. Upwards of 10 people are going to see that picture. I'll just wait by the phone. I'm sure DHL will call soon.

1 comment:

Goldy said...

I don't know Matt. 10 may be taking it a bit too far. I was pretty sure we had 8 loyal readers.