Monday, April 30, 2007

Who do you like?

Once again violating my one post per week limit, I would like to know who our favorite Wisconsin sports teams are. I bring this up due to the number of draft related comments from this weekend. For purpose of this post, I am including all pro sports teams and D-I college teams. If you don't like a team, don't put them on your list. For me, it goes something like this:

1. Brewers

2. Badgers football

3. Badgers basketball

4. Packers

5. Bucks


Nubs said...

This is Wisconsin Sports list not overall were the Bears would be 2 but not much would change after that maybe a Xavier Hoops would crack the list.

1- Brewers
2- Marquette Hoops - Athletics (I can jump on any bandwagon if I still know the coach)
3- Wisconsin Football
4- Grand Ave Tuesday Night Softball
5- tie: Wisconsin / UWGB Hoops
7- Admirals
8- Matt Kenseth

The bucks receive NO VOTE

Brad said...

1) Brewers
2) Packers
3) Wave...just kidding
3) Marquette Hoops
4) Bucks
5) Badger Football

Adam peroutky said...

1. Packers
2. Brewers
3. Anything Else (Badgers mostly)
5. Bucks

matt said...

1. WI football
2. Brewers
3. Bucks
4. Packers
5. WI hoops
6. Jerry Kelly/Steve Stricker/Mark Wilson/PGA Tour (since it has to be WI related)

2 years ago Brewers and Bucks would have been swapped, but the longer Larry Harris is allowed to drive that franchise into the ground, the lower the Bucks are going to fall on my rankings.

Brad said...

Wow, Brewers pretty high...wonder what it would be if they were 9-15, instead of 15-9? Not calling anyone a bandwagon jumper or anything, just saying...

Tony said...


I would maybe agree with your hinted allegation of bandwagon jumping but considering the audience on “Chuckie Hacks” I was more interested in what teams were going to come in second. Now if this was a jsonline poll then I would agree with your position.

AP said...

Yeah....don't know about bandwagon jumpers here. I was at one of the games in the '82ALCS. That by itself isn't that impressive but i was 3 years old at the time and my parents knew it would be important for me to go. I was at the Easter Sunday game where Deer & Sveum homered in the bottom of the 9th to beat the Rangers and give everybody free hamburgers. I have been to 9 games already this year, and I am going Fri & Sat. I'm not trying to be all "I'm #1"....I guys run Chuckie Hacks so you definitely are 1 up on me. I just feel the need to defend my Brewer honor. That's all....

woziszeus said...

Badger Football,
Badger & Marquette Basketball (tie)
UWM Hoops

The Bucks will be gone in 2 years, therefore I currently don't care about them...

Brad said...

No, no, no...not calling anyone a bandwagon fan. Just saying that if the Brewers sucked, they may be down a notch or two on some lists. Kind of like the Bucks. If this was 2001 and they were in the EC finals they might be a little higher on my list...and probably others too. Yeah, if the Bucks were 63-19 and MU was 5-23...I surly would pay a little more attention to the Bucks than the Warriors. I didnt mean to call anyone a bandwagoner, if that's how they took it.

Tony said...

AP, I salute you. Brad, for the record and many on this board can attest I hated the Bucks in 2001, but having spent time working for both MU and the Admirals that is easy to do. Arogant a-holes.

Tony said...

AP, I salute you. Brad, for the record and many on this board can attest I hated the Bucks in 2001, but having spent time working for both MU and the Admirals that is easy to do. Arogant a-holes.

Goldy said...

It should also be noted that Tony hates the constant music at an NBA game.

Matt McManus said...

Speaking of bandwagon jumpers, I forgot about the Port High basketball team. They are ranked #7 on my list.

Tony/ Nubs said...

Goldy if your product is sooo bad that inorder to keep peoples attention you have to play muzac during play you suck end of story.

Matt great call how could I remeber to vote for Grand Ave Softball but forget PW football.
New order please put PW Athletics (football)in 3rd place and notch everyone else down. I also like your Stricker vote.

Nice work.

MGD Mike said...

3-Wisconsin Hoops
4-Wisconsin Football
6-Marquette GOLD!

sleestak said...

1. Packers
2. Brewers
3. UW Football
4. Marquette Hoops
5. Badger Men's Hoops
6. Bucks (Sad how the mighty have fallen)

Bill said...

I am just proud Tony said Matt Kenseth. The 17 Dewalt is having a great year! Sitting third in the points.

I am proud of you Tony.

Anything College
Matt Kenseth