Monday, April 30, 2007's Team of the Month?'s John Heyman, and his unnamed scout, really like the Brewers. The unnamed scout says:

"They're a good club," and "They're not a fluke."

Heyman is also impressed.

"Some of many things to like about this ballclub, beyond its 3 1/2-game lead (largest in the NL) are its balance, youth, athleticism, bullpen and top of the rotation. "

Now, I'd feel better if this story was written in September and all of these things are still true, but hey - it's a start. In my opinion, the most important part of this story comes at the end:

The best thing about the Brewers, according to our scout, is this: "They're built for the next five years."

Frankly, I'll be happiest if that statement is true.


Goldy said...

Towards the end of the 3-hour Baseball Tonight/SportsCenter last night, they showed the Brewers/Astros highlights and then talked about who would win the NL Central. Kruck started by saying that every team was equal and wouldn't be suprisd if the division winner finished with an under .500 record. He then said the Astros would win if the sign Clemens. No mention of the Brewers.
Phillips actually mentioned the Brewers were in first place and said they had decent pitching and could win the division.
I understand the Brewers are beating the turds of the NL Central right now, but the are 15-9. ESPN makes the Mets sound all high and mighty and the have one less loss than the crew. I generally don't like to play the lack of respect game, but it seems many people don't recognize the Crew is legit this year.

Goldy said...

Would also like to ad the fact that if we need a push in the middle of the year, we can bring up Braun or Yo and not have to make a trade.

AP said...

I had the same reaction to Kruk's statement that you did Goldy. I guess even I am still a little wary of this team's early success, and I will better after I see them go through a little losing skid and see how they bounce back. I can't really blame the media for being a little skeptical of us. We've been pretty bad over the years and we didn't manage to make the playoffs when we started 13-0 20 years ago.

woziszeus said...

The MVP of the Brewers in the month of April was Cordero (no question), but its time to give Hardy some much deserved credit. If he somehow bats .270 over the course of a season what a special player people will realize he is.

The difference between this Brewers team and years past is the pitching. It is sick. The Brewers are in every single game this year with their starting staff, and if they take a lead to the 8th inning they are going to win 95% of the time. I have religiously followed the Brewers since 93', and this is the first year that can be said