Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Royals Can't Win...Even When they Win

The Royals are getting some press after receiving an illegal gift from Torii Hunter, who vowed last year to buy everyone on the Royals some Dom for beating the Tigers, thus giving the division to the Twins.

In receiving the gift (which broke an MLB rule prohibiting gifts to teams for beating a fellow team - rule 21-b if you're following along in your MLB rule book), the Royals reminded the league that they have no experience in these matters, as they haven't had a win of any consequence since roughly 1985.

"Was that wrong?" a Royals spokesman asked the league. "I tell you, I gotta plead ignorance on this thing, because if anyone had said anything at all to me that this sort of thing was frowned upon... "


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Maggs Ordonez sent the A's some bubby for beating the Twinkies in the playoffs?

Anonymous said...

The greatness of Costanza