Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Quick Hitters on Tonight's Game

Quick thoughts on tonight's 5-4 loss:
  • My first Ned Yost second-guessing of the year: Don't think that Carlos V was the right guy to bring in when losing 2-1 late in the game. Then, when Carlos walked the bases loaded with nobody out, he brings in Dessens? Huh? Not exactly the spot to use our long relief guys, in my opinion. Turnbow was obviously in the plans tonight - he pitched the next inning. Why not use him there? Still afraid of his damaged psyche?

  • Early returns on Johnny Estrada are very positive. Damian Miller won't see many at-bats this year.

  • Boy, does LA have some bullpen arms that make people look silly. The announcers said that Jonathan Broxton is 290! He carries it much better than Bartolo Colon does.

Bart, retaining water

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Anonymous said...

That Broxton sure can bring it.