Thursday, April 5, 2007

Around The Horn

With no Brewer game to watch, here's a few random observations around the diamonds.

  • First a trivia question. I'll give you 63 guesses who recorded the win and the save for Cincinnati on Thursday? Answer below.
  • The Brewers opening series was a success. They pitched well (sans Aquino), didn't commit an error, worked the count, hit balls the other way, Wise didn't start Miller Park on fire, and Turnbow found the strike zone. A 2-1 series victory over the Dodgers is a success...LA will win plenty this year.
  • Question from Popp: "Do you know what color snow is? Do you know what color a baseball is?" was snowing at Yankee stadium in the bottom of the 8th, yet the game continued.
  • The White Sox are in trouble. Remember when they had a seemingly endless supply of starting pitching? They traded Freddie Garcia, traded Brandon McCarthey (for no reason), Contreras followed up his rough second half of 06 by getting shelled, Garland's platoon also took on plenty of mortar, and Buehrle left today's game after getting drilled by a comebacker.
  • Boston's import Datsun Mitsubishi is the real deal. I picked him as my AL Cy Young, which means he'll start getting bombed soon.
  • If Cleveland had another decent SP and reliever, they would be scary-good.
  • If you didn't see the Cincinnati mayor throw out the first pitch on opening day, it's a must see. Check out Eric Davis' "WTF!!!!" reaction! The damn thing almost went into the dugout!
  • Two story lines I'll be watching this year: Sammy Sosa is back. This guys is straight junk. And he's batting 5th!! Well, for 2 games at least. I smell a .232 season coming his way. Also, the Nats are brutal. Quick, name 3 guys on their squad? Can't do it. Ray Ray King and his boiler is one.
  • The Pirates are 3-0 and the Cards are 0-3. Who knew? You think Tony LaVodka expected to get outscored by the Mets 20-2?
  • Baseball Tonight (the only good show left on ESPN) is back. The rundown: Tino Martinez is OUT (thank the lord), Orel Hershiser is still IN (help me here lord), Dusty Baker is IN (terrible), no sign of Jeff Brantley (the guy who looks like the talking Trash Heap on Fraggle Rock), Karl Ravich still has a toupe, and 'Nando Vina joined the party. He's actually not too bad....but I keep waiting for Joey Belle to run across the set and forearm shivver him to the ground.
  • I predicted Brad Lidge to have a bounce back year...I was wrong. He's done. D-U-N, dun.
  • Goldy, you picked a bad time to leave KC. They actually have some good, young talent. Alex Gordan is a STUD, Greinke is back, Tehan is pretty good, and Pena Jr can pick it at SS.
  • Trivia answer: Victor Santos got the win, Stormy Weathers picked up the save. They might as well pick up Mike Buddie and Valerio De Los Santos in Cinci.

Dance your cares away,

Worry's for another day.

Let the music play,

Down at Fraggle Rock. (clap, clap)

Down at Fraggle Rock. (clap, clap)

Down at Fraggle Rock!


Tony said...

Chopp nice recap. A few retorts if I may..

• The Crew:
o Yes nice 2-1 series but I was there For G1 & G3. G3 was a mess the only bright spot was Soup. He didn’t have his a or B game and was still able to grind out 7 only allowing 2 runs. What bothered me was all the good hitting in spring training and G1&2 was gone almost everyone was swinging to be a hero instead of advancing the runners and putting the ball in play like they were taught. But all in all very exciting my pick for the World Series is looking good.

• Poop- don’t worry about it was mere flurries you puss.
• As for the Sox, trouble, as for Cleveland if they could just play Chicago both my MVP pick (Grady) and AL champ pick would be looking pretty good.
• Dice is good but it was KC, side note did anyone else see the baseball tonight bit when they said lets see how he can handle the load of a 5 man rotation rather then a 7? WTF are they doing over there.
• Nats- Church, Patterson, Zimmerman but after that I got nothing and all that is from former fantasy guys of mine, I may even be wrong not sure if these guys are still there. But that is my quick 3
• The Cards will be back the Pirates not so sure but in the end they will be chasing the Crew
• Baseball tonight is pure television gold despite some of the cast of charters
• KC has started hot before (Pena?) lets just wait this out before going bold Chopp.

That’s all I got, oh and the Cubs spent a lot of money to be scary good, the return…. Not so much at least not early.

matt said...

When did Juan Pierre become the mayor of Cincinnati?

Rick Ankiel said...

Pitch looked fine to me...

adam Peroutky said...

No comments on Villanueva's stellar peformance? LA scored 5 runs and 3 of them came on 3 consecutive walks. I went to all 3 games, and overall the starting pitching was great. Aquino & Villanueva were terrible. The situational hitting was night and day between G3 & G1&G2. I think they stranded double digit runners in G3, and they were by far and away the better team in this series. It would've really been nice to sweep this team since we could both end up fighting for a wildcard spot.

Brad said...

Good point Adam...forgot about Villinueva..he was all over the place. Yes, they could have won game 3, a sweep to start the season would have been nice.

Goldy said...

I think the Johnny Estrada era will go better than the Henry Blanco era. Just a guess.

matt said...

Chopp, didn't we used to call one of the substitute teachers in middle school the trash heap? Looking back on it, that's about the worst thing you could call a person.