Friday, April 20, 2007

"Gas Can Outing Of The Year" Candidate

Congrats to one Joseph Borowski for taking the lead in the “Chuckie Hacks Gas Can Outing of the Year” race. Joe came into the 9th inning yesterday with a should-have-been-comfortable 5-2 lead. Amazingly, he got the first two guys out! The Bronx Bombers then proceed to go: bomb, single, walk, single, single, bomb, ballgame. 8-6 Yankees. Borowski’s fine line score jumped his ERA to an impressive 13.50. Keep up the good work Joe!


Derrick Turnbow a year ago said...

That's not a terrible outing. He could still probably make the All-Star team.

matt said...

Jorge Julio also merits consideration. He lost his closer role about one game in to the season this year.